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  1. Well Mr. Seymour….
    …you never cease to amaze me. Your photography, as always, captures not only the beauty you see, but the beauty of the person you are. Your travels are well expressed through your images, not the glitzy cliche travel brochure imagery, but the true essence of a place and it’s people. I enjoyed the 1000 Words section as well, would love to see more. Your writing is equally as fine and genuine as your photography. Perhaps a book or a series of books in the future. Keep up the great work, you’re doing the Seymour name proud.

  2. As I look through each photo,I am very moved…what a blessing it is to see life through your eyes.For I am captivated by the way you tell such a warm story while also reflecting a compassionate soul behind the camera .What beautiful work!

  3. The photographs are extraordinary. Each is a story unto itself, complete, standing alone in it’s own universe.
    Never once have I wished for a larger computer screen until now. I want to climb into each of the images to find the depth and breadth of it, to examine each nook and cranny.
    How wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing some of your glimpses of the world.

  4. Absolutely stunning photography Ted. Whether it is the simple beauty of a balcony being painting orange, a young girl licking cupcake batter, or the amazing continuity of waves rolling in — your photography invokes such distinct experiences for me. Thank you so very much for sharing these images – they are beautiful.

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