I take pictures,

when the mood strikes me

or when I see something

or someone



I’m not one to stage things,

preferring life as it unfolds

scenes as they unveil

people as they unmask.


Our human nature wants to

know the bounty of this existence.

Without beauty, there is no bounty

only sufficiency.


What you see here

is a sounding of the beauty

which plucks a harmonic

of my own soul.

A grasping, I suppose,

to hold to that beauty

and express who I have come to be

and share what I have come to know.


Photography supports my humble attempt

to leave the confines of my mind and

move into a space

of greater connectedness within the moment.


In that moment,

this moment,


there is

nothing that is not beautiful.



I have been around photography as long as I can remember.  It is certainly in my blood.  My father Serge Seymour and uncle Ron Seymour are both talented photographers.  My grandfather Maurice along with his brother Seymour became the celebrated theatrical photographers of Maurice Seymour studios of Chicago and New York.  In fact, my grandfather’s passport from his emigration from Romania/Ukraine to the United States in 1920 lists his profession as “fotografia.”  Like writing and singing and eating and connecting with others, photography is simply something that I do, another reflection of this manifestation known to a few as Ted.  I am available for professional yet sensitive photojouranlist assignments as well.  Thanks for viewing.


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